Class Descriptions (sample from previous events)

Below you will find the course descriptions for this years Ukulele Festival.  We will be adding more as we grow closer to the event so be sure to check back for updates!  It’s sure to be a wonderful learning and entertaining event!

Instructor: Carl Ventis


Want to learn how to play a beautiful song using chord melody? It’s easier than you think! Using the great Everly Brothers song, “Dream,” we will use basic ukulele chords and tablature to play a chord melody passage. Participants should be familiar with how to read basic tablature and know basic ukulele chords.


If you have taken a beginning Chord Melody class (or are familiar with Chord Melody) and are ready for more, you won’t want to miss this fun workshop. Expand your repertoire of chord melody with the classic Beatles song, “And I Love Her,” using basic ukulele chords and tablature to play this classic song simply, easily, beautifully.

Instructor: James Clem

Swing and Blues (all levels)

The ukulele just seems to be suited for uptempo swing songs and this class will kick your playing skills up several notches. Learn the Django hot club strumming and damping skills that top swing guitarists use. We will also get into some ragtime blues tunes and James will reveal some top secret tips to make you boss at your next jam session. Lots of handouts and song material to take home.

1950’s and 1960’s Rock (all levels)

This three hour class will take you well beyond the basics of this classic music. We will get into the riffs, intros, endings and even solos that other classes always seem to omit. Lots of song and tab handouts to take home for later study. Let’s Rock!

Instructor: Laurie Linn

How to Sing Like A Pro in 3 Easy Steps (all levels)

Does singing around others or even by yourself make you nervous?  Learn how easy it is to build confidence in singing by focusing on proper breath control, pronunciation, phrasing and more.

The Whole Package (all levels)

For most of us – the ukulele is an accompaniment instrument. In this class we will explore ways to blend singing and playing by using vocal techniques, strum patterns and more.

Instructors: Laurie Linn & Richard Colombo

HANK, PATSY & JOHNNY (Levels 2-3)

The songs of Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash have left an everlasting imprint on County Music and a treasure trove of songs we all know and love.  We will explore some of their classic songs and sweeten them up with some interesting easy jazz chords, signature riffs and vocal-styling and harmonies.

Instructor: Richard Colombo

Chord Melody Solos for Ukulele (Levels 2-3)

This workshop will take your playing to the next level as you learn how to combine chords and melody to create instrumental solos of some of your favorite all time standards, classical, folk and pop songs.  We will use lead sheets that combine both music notation and tablature.  We will also explore the harmonic progressions through melody and chord construction.


You will discover the wonderful world of jazz and how accessible jazz chords are on the ukulele. We will learn some of the classic jazz songs from the “Great American Songbook” and explore their harmonic progressions, chord construction, shapes and patterns on the fretboard. We will also have fun taking some songs we already know and jazz them up a bit with some jazz chords.

Beatles for Ukulele (LEVEL 2)

This workshop is all Beatles. We will have a great time playing some of the greatest pop songs ever written by John, Paul and George. As well as singing and playing their songs we will also learn some of their signature riffs and melodies.

Instructor: Steve Yant

The Blues (Advanced beginners to Advanced Players)

The beginner group will study the 12 bar Blues format and be the rhythm players and the more advanced players will learn to play the minor pentatonic blues scales in order to play the leads.

Performance Prep

This class will be offered to those who wish to take the next step at the Open Mic time in their communities and here at the Festival. Offered to intermediate to advanced players. Get up to play and feel the rush!

Jammin’ and Rhythm Strumming

This workshop will focus on 15 different rhythmic variations and strums that go with each one using a clever Rhythm Food Chart. Participants will practice listening to and then reproducing this variety of different rhythms. Strumming technique will then be discussed in preparation for the closing experience of jamming using these distinctive rhythms.