Stay tuned for the 2018 Class Information!

Class Information from the 2016 Oakridge Ukulele Festival 

We are very excited to share with you some of the 21 class options that will be available this year. We are still finalizing the schedule. And you don’t have to decide right now which classes you’ll take.

Patty Sage will be offering the always popular FREE Beginner’s Workshop. There are loaner ukuleles available and your only obligation is to sign up ahead of time as space is limited and we want to have enough ukes to go around.

She’ll also be leading Open Mic for the Shy & Timid, an opportunity to work on ONE song to get it “performance ready” and share your new skills.

Leslie Hunter will be joining bandmate Patty for Doin’ the Doo Wop! as they turn the clock back to the 1950’s & 60’s. You’ll learn the doo-wop chord progression, strumming, and how easy it is to change keys to fit your singing voice.

Richard Colombo will be teaching classes sure to inspire. His Take the Right Hand Train will help you begin to develop interesting right hand techniques. He will cover a variety of strum patterns using different rhythms and accents, as well as fingerpicking, arpeggios and travis style.

Beatles for Ukulele, a great time together playing some of the greatest pop songs ever written. You’ll learn some of their signature riffs and melodies and will strum, fingerpick and sing your time away in Beatles Ukulele Bliss with Richard.

Neal Chin brings his expertise of Hawaiian Style ‘Ukulele. You’ll learn how to accompany a Hawaiian song, add embellishment, substitute chords and the Hawaiian vamp.

If you like the blues, then Neal’s Intro to Improvisation on the Blues is for you. Learn how to work with the 12-bar blues to learn the basics of soloing.

Stephen Yant’s Finger Picking Chord Melody will explore the rudiments of shifting from strumming open string first position chords to learning tighter and more controlled chord voicings up the neck to follow the melody and harmony of a tune.