In 2010 Lynda Kamerrer and Gary Carl, owners of Oakridge Lodge and Guest House started the Oakridge Ukulele Festival as a way to bring people to Oakridge.

The first Oakridge Ukulele Festival was launched in the summer of 2011 with thirty participants. The event featured guest artists to teach classes and jam. This format was popular and the second year drew sixty persons.

During the same time period a small local group of 8-10 persons began to come together every few weeks for an informal community ukulele jam. These sessions were rotated among several host businesses, including Lion Mountain Bakery, owned by Jacqui Lomont.

Since 2013 the local group, Oakridge Ukulele Players, has grown to about 20+ members and has been practicing regularly at Lion Mountain Bakery as well as playing at local events. In 2015 Jacqui Lomont took over as the organizer for the Annual Oakridge Ukulele Festival.